Isn't it great? I never knew I could dance. Captain Feathersword: It's my pirate dance. The Wiggles: We're All Fruit Salad! (Chauffeur James drives the limousine away. What day would that be, Captain? Tonight! Greg: (to camera) I knew Henry The Octopus lived around here. The tide is HIGH! He likes all types of music but especially opera, while wearing his opera cape. No sleeping now, me hearties! Cameron throws Holly in the air and she disappears. Wally: Yes, yes and don't forget to ask him about the wand! If only I had a wand that I-I-I could give him to replace the broken (thinks) Maybe (smiles) Just maybe. (rings the Alarm Clock Chair. Greg: Can you point your fingers and do the twist? And Roland is waiting to see you now. the wiggles scripts. (Wags takes both pieces and puts them on his work Bench. (Wally looks to see if anyone is watching, then starts reaching out for the wand.). I've got another 67 of them. We've got to find The Wiggles. Both windows or mac users can benefit from HandyCam. Simon loves to sing! Everything Party Supplies Address : Shop G24 Met Centre Wynyard Station, 273 George St, , Sydney, New South Wales - 2000 Australia. Thank you, miss. I got the wand! Cecil: I hope so, Wally, but remember, this is a very tough contest. (get out of the Big Red Car and go up on the piano steps, Murray knocks on Door and they step back.). Greg: (singing) His band is sounding so good, Greg: (singing) You'll soon be tapping your foot. And now, I think I need my able assistant Dorothy. Wally: Ladies and gentle (streamers come out from his pans and one lands on Cecil the Magic Club President). Oh, not again! Yes! Henry's Underwater Big Band. Captain Feathersword: Oh, ho, ho, ho! Me-me-me-me-me-me. Dorothy The Dinosaur, that's me and you stole Greg's magic wand! Murray: It's us, Door, the Wiggles. Luigi: Ice-cream! Roses! Captain Feathersword! ), Pirouette, temps le ve, Pas de chat, Et Fouette, (Dorothy and Cameron dance and Cameron hits Wally. ), Roland: So you made it. Anthony: (off-screen) Everything seems to be ready, are you ready?! Ballerina Holly McGlinchy and Dancer Cameron Lewis dance. Dorothy: Yeah. (laughs and swooshes his Cape then walks away while Wally imitates his laugh mockingly.). Happy days. (Everyone follows him over to the Boat. Here are the transcripts. The current members of the group are Anthony Field, Lachlan Gillespie, Simon Pryce, and Emma Watkins. For reasons of security and administration all mail sent to The Wiggles is screened on a number of levels by appointed Wiggles staff members. Come on, Wally! I'm having a wonderful time. (gets on his tricycle. Greg: Can you stand on one foot and shake your hands? Meaghan: I know where Dorothy is. - TV Series 5)/Transcript, Episode 12 (Lights, Camera, Action, Wiggles! by | May 27, 2022 | university of alabama shuttle to birmingham airport | low cost mobile pet vaccinations san antonio | May 27, 2022 | university of alabama shuttle to birmingham airport | low cost mobile pet vaccinations san antonio (They enter "Brrrrrr Street", where they get caught in a blizzard). Greg: Me four. (pats Skally on the head while heading out. Whee! Cecil: And now our final act of the evening is Wally The Great! Jeff: (wakes up and flaps like a bird.) He's bound to remember. You're next, Harold. I bet it's The Wiggles! Help me and I promise, I promise I'll give it back to Greg. Moo! no, that-a-way! There's no sign of Dorothy. ), Murray: Wags, it's a shame you don't know where Dorothy is, but if you see her, not a word about the party. Sometimes though, it would be extremely useful to be able to get the wiggle motion to loop. Yeah! Anthony: (holding red apple) Dorothy, I've been so worried about you, I couldn't eat! Maybe you were looking for one of these terms? Oh! The Wiggles Big Show! ), (The Wiggles each come out of a different room, but have the right skivvies on. Me-me-me-me-me-me. We'll never ever make it. Mrs. Bingle: Hello, Wiggles. Hello and welcome to the show today. (screaming), (Dorothy and Wally enter the Wiggle Rainbow, passing some cows. Jeff! Murray: I'm Murray. (The Pirates get back to work.) (with Anthony and Murray.) episode)/Transcript, Ballerina, Ballerina (episode)/Transcript, Beach, Beach, Sandy Beach (episode)/Transcript, Beep! ), (Dorothy and Wally come out of the Wiggle Rainbow, they notice a limousine and Dorothy gasps. Bye-bye! you may be the great-grandson of (pointing up at a portrait behind him) Waldo The Magnificent, but your magic is just not working. The audience claps again more confidently and Wally smiles. (Anthony and Jeff smile.) We live here. Captain Feathersword: A finer fellow I've never met! O Scribd o maior site social de leitura e publicao do mundo. We'd better go and see Captain Feathersword. (kneels down next to Dorothy and sees that she's still sad.) We need your help. Whee! Jeff: And we're waiting for Officer Beaples to blow her police whistle. Save me! (gives Wally's cape to Murray.) Samantha puts the pony on the chair. It seems to identify the magic wand thief as Wally the Great. Hello? Um, Captain your crew. ), (Dorothy screeches on the brakes just in time. Announcer: And now, please welcome Wags and The Wagettes! <p>Page retired in 2006 due to ill health and was replaced by understudy Sam Moran, but returned in 2012, replacing Moran. WHEE! What a surprise party! You should make a tremendous impression in that Costume! Well, he might remember my birthday. I'm afraid time's just about up, but don't worry, I'll look after Waldo's wand when I win it. (The Wiggles chat together, while leaving the school and they get in the Big Red Car.). Watkins, Pryce, Gillespie, and Field (L-R) performing live in Sydney, 2018 . What, what are, what are you doing?! Red roses come out of the ends of the stems. Anthony: Hey, Jeffrey, what we need you to do Murray: Ha, ha, ha. Oh, no! (Wally has trouble reaching the wand. Murray: Almost as much as she loves eating roses! She knows we'd never forget. Roland leaves the stage and Cecil comes up.). It's Dorothy! Series 1 episode)/Transcript, Emma's Missing Bow (Ready, Steady, Wiggle! Dorothy, are you there? Well, that should keep you awake there, Jeff. Oh, quickly, me hearties, help them out of there! Hey! (showing a yellow hankie, while the students gasp.) ), Anthony: It's time for an apple! Whoa! Greg: (After jumping out from the swimming pool.) Dorothy: It's very special. (Dorothy is dancing on the side while Wally joins in unenthusiastically.). He picks up two rings and joins them together and the audience claps. She'll get such a surprise tonight! (The Wiggles calculate with their hands.) Dorothy: Bye! Dorothy: (notices the Pirate Crew are now playing around on the Dock.) 5,212 Views . Anthony: Well, that's great. ), (The Non-realistic Wiggles get in the Big Red Car. ), Wally: Whoa! Buckle Up! Oh, Wally the Great, winner of the annual Magic Club competition, star of stage and screen. ), Dorothy: (puts roses down.) Dorothy stops the tricycle outside in a haze of dust.). Dorothy: Thanks, Wags! GIVE IT TO ME! Anthony: (eating Grapes) I love food. The Wiggles have been entertaining millions of families across the globe for over 30 years. - Greatest Hits (DVD, 2021) 13.90 New The Wiggles: Halloween Party (DVD, 2021) 12.79 New The Wiggles: Nursery Rhymes 2 (DVD, 2021) 12.79 New Emma! Wally chases after after Skally). ), (The clock shows 5 seconds to 6pm. I need to get a wiggle on as I'm preparing the food and decorations with the children. I'm a Cow. The Limousine's window opens, revealing). (The Wiggles leave in the Big Red Car and Wags goes back inside his house. Wait, give me the cake! The audience applaud and cheer with praise.). Jacques the Shark sneaks up behind Anthony, which leaves him shaking with fear.). The Wiggles each wear Mic's hat, while making silly noises but Mic angrily takes his hat back. And tonight's celebration is gonna be the biggest yet. (they start to leave, but he stops.) Hot Potato; Rock-a-Bye Your Bear; Do the Propeller! Jacques: Hey, boss. ), Wags and the Wagettes: (barking goodbye. You might see Jeff fall asleep. Afterwards, he eats an apple.). Murray: We better hurry! Wally: (bonks head underneath the desk.) This is useful when doing long software installs where lock screens may be enforced by your administrator as it will prevent the screen from locking as the app signals mouse . I can do this. (Murray comes out, wearing a yellow skivvy and shrugs. Wally. He's pretty good with sticks and things so maybe he can fix the wand. Wally: (while balloons drop.) )/Transcript, Episode 16 (The Wiggles - TV Series 1)/Transcript, Episode 16 (The Wiggles - TV Series 2)/Transcript, Episode 16 (The Wiggles Show! You needn't worry. Here we go! (Dorothy and Wally leave up the stairs. (Greg drives the Big Red Car and The Wiggles are on their way. How about it? I'm a Cow. This is for me? Wiggles and School Students: Bye. Anthony: Well, let's bring on stage The Wiggles! And I don't think you've got much chance of getting that wand fixed again. Wally: (crossly) NOW, LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE, IT'S BROKEN! Ah! it's the the last day before the um, the full the full (groaning in a stretchy voice.) Jeff: This surprise party was a (blubbering) silly idea! The Wiggles come out from Wags World. Wally: You certainly have a lot of friends, but we really must be moving on! Whoa! 19. You know he is the leader of the pirate seas. Anthony: (off-screen) What's next, Greg? Remember the Magic Chest. Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga, Big Red Car do horses lay down on their side the wiggles scripts. Look, Dorothy, it can't hurt to go and see your other friends, can it? (leaves with Dorothy but his pants fall down again.) Prego: Can we have four rainbow specials, please? Oh, no! I like red ones and yellow ones and pink ones and blue and orange ones and white ones. (We transition to Dorothy's foot landing on the tricycle pedal. (opens then closes the purple door) Greg? Wags throws his hat to Wally, who gives it to Dorothy, who then puts it on his head. (puts his hand over Greg's hands and drops all the broken wand pieces into it), Greg gives the broken wand pieces to Jeff. Would all contestants please move to the backstage area and wait until you're called? Mrs. Bingle: It's Cecil from the Magic Club! (At Henry's Place, Henry is carrying presents on his head, on his shoes and under his tentacles.). (Roland takes a bow while the audience applaud and cheer.). This happens every time! Greg: Alright, everybody, let's all get ready to point our fingers and we'll do the twist! So where to now, Jeff? The Non-realistic Wiggles: Bye, Wags! Dorothy: Oh! Dorothy: Wally won that at the Magic Club tonight. Poor Dorothy thinks we've forgotten her birthday. )/Transcript, Episode 18 (The Wiggles - TV Series 1)/Transcript, Episode 18 (The Wiggles - TV Series 2)/Transcript. (The Wiggles pass through a Wiggle Rainbow and into the Wiggles World), (Dorothy is pacing back and forth while Wally is sitting next to the haystack.). Captain Feathersword: Whoa! Dorothy: Hey! Murray: Hey, guys, let's do Dorothy's favourite dance, the 'Romp Bomp A Stomp'! (They break the wand in half. - TV Series 5)/Transcript, Episode 16 (Lights, Camera, Action, Wiggles! Ar ar. I think. The Wiggles Old Macdonald Had a Farm | Kids Songs and Nursery Rhymes | The Wiggles 71M views The Wheels on the Bus 2.5M views The Solar System Song 64M views 3 years ago Peanut Butter Jelly. Rose Robber: Oi! Come on, I'll give them all such a surprise! Anthony: Oh, (quacking like a duck.) Murray: Officer Beaples and the little Beaples have already started the show. Yeah and we're gonna give a great big surprise party for her tonight. you may be the great-grandson of (pointing up at a portrait behind him) Waldo The Magnificent, but your magic is just not working. (Flashback to when the Wiggles and Dorothy were young.). We're about to watch "The Wiggles Movie". It commences at 6pm. We're The Wiggles. Dorothy: Oh, roses! Greg: Well, first you shake your hands and you put them on your hips. Here we'll take a look at a way to accomplish this by using a bit of clever math and . Prego: Hey look, it's Dorothy the Dinosaur! Is Jeff asleep again? I-I can prove myself. Find Wally Mrs. Bingle: Oh, I do hope Dorothy will be alright. (Wally walks up onto the stage.) You don't say! Dorothy: Oh, this has been the most miserable birthday! Anthony is picking a good apple to eat from a bowl of fruit. Anthony: That could be Dorothy right now! Little Murray: Little Dorothy, happy birthday from your friends (with the others.) Wally: (Holding both pieces of the wand then putting them in his pocket.) You-you-you-you-you-you-you. Mrs. Bingle: We don't have time for this at the moment. Oh, dear! Ha! Wally: And I've got so many new friends. First, I'll be the toast of the Magic Club. )/Transcript, Episode 11 (The Wiggles - TV Series 1)/Gallery, Episode 11 (The Wiggles - TV Series 1)/Transcript, Episode 11 (The Wiggles - TV Series 2)/Transcript, Episode 11 (The Wiggles Show! Greg: Dorothy, Dorothy, would you like to dance with me? Maybe I'll just have a little nibble. Murray: Hey, come on, guys. Anthony: Come on, Wiggles, we've got a dinosaur to find! (gives the posters to Cecil.) Officer Beaples: (Chasing a Rose Robber, who is holding a basket of roses.) (goes back down.). Dorothy: (Confused) Wally, What do you mean? Um Greg. Captain Feathersword: Everybody was great! (At the Dockyard, Captain Feathersword is holding the birthday cake while his Pirate Crew are holding presents and balloons.). Jeff: (tweeting like a bird.) When Simon puts on his professors' hat, he becomes Professor . Not to be confused with Wiggles. Dorothy: You look absolutely stunning, Wally. Moon! Luigi: (off-screen) Hey, children, don't forget your ice cream! (gives Dorothy a rose she was holding.) Bye-bye! You can do it yourself. Magicians can only perform tricks if they really want to entertain people. Cecil: (to audience) Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, our reminder that because Wally is our winner, he will perform later at a very special celebration. BRING GREG'S MAGIC WAND BACK! She's gonna be so surp(Pirate Donna nearly drops the cake.) Come on! Wally: HUH?!? David McCormack This is actually the second Wiggles tribute album. It's Wiggle Time! Ballerina, Ballerina, Alfonso Tiramisu: Pirouette, temps le ve, Pas de chat, Alfonso Tiramisu: See the dancing ballerina, Alfonso Tiramisu: See her jump in the air, (Wally walks on stage and smiles out at the audience, Holly bumps into him and they awkwardly dance). You don't say! The Moon! Wally: (to Dorothy.) (The Wiggles then jump out one by one and go and get changed.). You stopped the Rose Robber. Wally: (To Pirate Rhiannah as she goes past) Zee ya! Wally: Look, (closes the pan lids) Give me a chance. Can you stand on one foot and shake your hands? ), Jimbo: Wally. We were just trying to keep the party a surprise! Wally: I'm doing my magic tricks here at the party. Wiggles! You don't say! Start the motor! Tabitha wiggles her fingers and the pony rises and starts to her. Think, guys, think! Anthony: What do we do now, Greg? ), (A woman comes out of the Dance Academy and twirls). We've got a dinosaur to find! Let's have a think about this, Wiggles. Captain Feathersword: Who wouldn't be alright on such a special day. the S.S 'Feathersword' badge of friendship. (laughs) Bye! The app will automatically move your mouse keeping your computer active. (moves backwards and crashes into the bookshelf) Yargh! Now I get it! You're last. (The audience applauds again as he gives Waldo's wand to Wally, shakes his hand, then whispers in his ear.). Whoo! Captain Feathersword: Oh! (streamers come out from his pans and one lands on Cecil the Magic Club President) Cecil: Wally. Bad luck. Let's see how good you are. (The Rose Robber trips over Dorothy's tail and falls over, dropping the roses on the ground.) Wally: I'm so happy Dorothy! (Meanwhile, the Wiggles arrive at the Sandlot, where Henry lives.). (scoffs.). Door: (off-camera) I could have told you that. (Back at the Sandlot, The Wiggles' hats are floating on the top of the pool while we hear the end of "Boom Boom" in the background). (A police whistle blows which surprises them.). Wally: Oh, Dorothy. (jumps and rushes back to his room. Anthony: And I'm Anthony. Wally and Dorothy run to the Registration Desk where Magic Clerk Carolyn sits behind it. Greg: I promised her that every year, we'd celebrate her birthday. Title Card Wally: Ladies and gentle. You must be so cold. So that's why they call it "Brrrrrr Street"! "The Test"! Thanks for waking Jeff up. Jimbo: (arrives while juggling posters.) I'll use my great powers of hypnotism to get my wand back. Help me! He looks at it and smiles happily and laughs. We have a slight problem with a magic wand. And of course, you might see Anthony eating lots of food. An earlier version, featuring the Living End, Washington, Sarah Blasko and. Greg: You might see Murray playing his guitar. 4.8. (Wally laughs, then hits his head on the wall after imagining), (Dorothy arrives back at the buffet table holding Greg's wand.). Hi! And I look forward to seeing you tonight. He will show you how to do a groovy pirate dance. He takes a big leap, but ends up with a faceful of cake. ), (Out in the School Courtyard, the students are sitting down waiting.). ), (Wally closes the cabinet doors again and holds up his cape while the audience watches intensely and then down revealing Dorothy on stage behind him. Hello? Um, Whimmy, whammy, shammy, shoe (The Other Wiggles arrive back on the stage.). Greg: (mooing like a cow.) He'll tickle everything that moves and everything he sees. (Gives the badge to Dorothy.) (closes lips) Zip! Ladies and gentlemen, registration is closed. The Full Moon! ), (Wally and Dorothy hold hands and take a bow. Wally. I was framed! I know this Wally the Great. Mar 1, 2007, The Six Flags Theme Park company in America chose four of their parks to host new Wiggles World areas. He gives the roses to Dorothy. (A man and a woman enter the on-stage auditorium room.) Yummy! (Puts the pieces back in his pocket and gets on his tricycle.) Wally! He then separates them by blowing air at the point they separate. He opens the doors revealing there's nothing inside and then closes them. Where's everyone going? Anthony: Hey, I got one, guys. Anthony: (stuttering with fear.) Now drag the pick whip to the Slider stopwatch. Little Greg: (singing) Hot Potato, Hot Potato, Cold Spaghetti, Cold Spaghetti (cold spaghetti, cold spaghetti), Cold Spaghetti, Cold Spaghetti (spaghetti) Spaghetti (spaghetti), (Whoo wiggy-wiggy-wiggy Whoo wiggly-wiggly-wiggy) (Gimme that, Gimme that, Gimme that food! Captain Feathersword: Oh! Wally takes a cloth off Waldo's cabinet and then he spins it around. You'll probably see our new friend, Wally The Great. the wiggles scripts. )/Transcript Episode 50 (The Wiggles - TV Series 2)/Transcript Episode 7 (Lights, Camera, Action, Wiggles! Where was I? Cecil: (off-screen) A splendid performance by Marvin The Marvellous! (Wally notices the Town Hall clocks strike 5:45 which makes his smile sink.). Let's hurry! Hey! Cecil: And now we present, Roland The Remarkable. please, please, please, please, please please, pretty please!